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Testimonials From Proud Owners

Hi Crystal! I can't believe Sophie is 4 already. She is amazing, happy and healthy. I recently changed jobs, and get this, the owner allows us to bring our dogs to work. Sophie has joined me a few times. It's fun having her there. When Sophie meets someone new, people always ask, "Is she a puppy? How old is she?" When I respond, they smile and say, "Boy, she sure is a happy dog! Look at that tail go!"

Sophie is my best friend. She is warm, smart and a blast to be around.

Attached are photos from her birthday.

I hope you are well and maybe we'll see you soon! Give all those adorable puppies a hug!


Hi Crystal,

Here are pictures of Sam, one in December when he was 8 months old, first snow. The second was this summer, 14 months old enjoying the field out the back of our home. We have been training him off leash and he is so well behaved.

Dad was Bud, mother was Mouse

Mike and Claire

Dillon is doing great so far. He slept all the way through Saturday night and woke up once at 3:30 a.m. last night. Not bad for a little guy just away from his littermates. He is a wonderful boy and has personality plus. When we got him to Mary’s house, her golden played with him a bit and then showed him the way to the barn. He followed right along with a couple of rest stops. That’s probably why he slept so well! He doesn’t fuss at all in his crate and gives a soft whine when he needs to go outside.

I am always so confident in your dogs and this one is well on the way to showing everyone else in our organization just what a wonderful breeder you are.

Hi Crystal,
We absolutely love our chocolate boy Bode, who was born on March 7 of 2007 Sadona’s Waterboy and Sadona’s truffles. Attached are a few photos of him, one of him atop Homestake Peak this morning, another of him hiking with Renee, and another of him watching Tommy fish.
Tommy and Renee

I just wanted to give you an update on Bates. He has been wonderful. He has a great personality and gets along well with our other dogs. He just recently completed training, and we are expecting him to be a great duck hunting dog. I just wanted to give you an update. Also, I attached a picture of bates watching the cowboy with all of us.
Thanks Again, Zac

Hi, Crystal,

Here are a few pictures of Allie at 12 weeks. She's a sweet and smart puppy and she's already a big part of our family.



Hi Crystal, hope all is well with you. Just wanted to send you another picture of Danny. He's 7 months old now and doing great. He's just like you said he'd be...calm, but playful. We take him to the dog park at Chatfield reservoir a couple of times every week. He's very sociable and we get lots of compliments on both his looks and his behavior. He's definitely a charmer. Thanks again Crystal,

Bob and Lynn

Hi Crystal --
Here is a picture of the big guy from the Bubba/Truffles litter. At 9 weeks, he weighs 16.5 pounds. We named him Milo. Each day he seems to get a little bigger! He's been great so far.

Here is another picture of Milo (from the March 2007 Bubba/Truffles litter). He is now about 6 months old and weighs 55 lbs. He is a great, mellow dog who loves all people and all other animals. His favorite past-time is chasing butterflies and crickets.

Myrth & Shawn

Hi Crystal,
We wanted to touch base with you to let you know how wonderful McNally is for us. She has been a perfect addition to our family and we thought we would send some pictures. She will be a year old in June. Thank you for your service. Sincerely,

We wanted to let you know how awesome Brock is. He's charmed everyone, and people are blown away by his stunning good looks and superior intelligence. He's calmed down, and is adjusting really well. He already retrieves, knows "sit," "stay," and comes when called. We had no problem crate training him, and he is pretty much house broken, which is pretty good for a 10 week old puppy. We couldn't be more pleased. I have to say, we're in love!

Brock is 15 months old now and I wanted to tell you that he's the best dog we've ever owned. Not only is he gorgeous, he's intelligent, calm, flexible, loving, and eager to please. He loves everybody, gets along with other dogs and plays gently with our 12 year old lab, Brita who is blind from diabetes. He's the first lab we've had that didn't chew up everything we own. We give him plenty of exercise and opportunities to swim, so he is fit and strong. We couldn't be happier.


Hi Crystal,
We just celebrated Jack’s one year birthday on June 20th. He is happy and healthy; we can’t imagine life without him!
Jack is the best companion. His disposition is loving, playful, and easy going. He is a fast learner and obeys commands pretty well (he will do anything for ‘cookies’). Jacks beauty is remarkable and on every walk and every trip to the store he gets compliments. He is a show stopper. We are so proud of him and would love to bring another Sadona puppy into the family at some point. Thank you for being such an important part of bringing Jack into our lives and getting him off to such a great start!
Here is a picture of Jack in the back yard on the retaining wall, one of his favorite places. From there he can see over the fence and make sure the neighborhood is safe. And a second picture of him enjoying the cool grass. We love him with abandon!
Hope you are doing well.
Thank you so much,
Dave and Suzanne

Hi Crystal,

You're welcome to use any of our pictures on your website. Here are a few more taken late last week.

Soleil is doing well and sleeping through the night in her crate for the last week. She had her second round of vaccinations today and will start a Kinderpuppy class on Tuesday nights. There are quite a few other puppies and another 11 week old yellow male lab in her class. I switched to a flat collar and lease this week and she is doing well on walks around our greenbelt.

While she misses her familiar surroundings she is settling in quite well. It helps that we have an area of pea gravel for her that's similar to your puppy pin. She's also the only pet in our household beside fish and a leopard gecko.

She is still making good eye contact with both my husband and I and of course testing my two boys. We're having a wonderful time and are so grateful for our new baby girl : )

Thanks again,


The first picture is reenacting when she chased a bear out of the garage - so my neighbor could paint it. The second two explain themselves. She likes Evergreen.



Finnegan is our puppy's name--we call him Finn for short. He is settling in great and has been sleeping through the night since day 2!! We love him very much says Riley (our son). Our Vet did his puppy check up and he is very healthy---thanks again for everything. Be well-


Hi Crystal,

We actually got our dog from you 12 years ago. His name is Reggie. We are looking for another puppy (yellow male). We had a 13 year old lab that died last month. We are not in a hurry, but we realize that it can take some time to get a puppy. So I wanted to contact you now and hope that you would keep us informed of future litters.

Here are 2 pictures of our wonderful Reggie who is 12! We have loved this big guy so much!!! He is a happy boy!


Crystal—In about September,2003, I traveled to your kennel(from Michigan)and brought Blue home. His sire was Sadona’s Big Easy and his dam was Sadona’s Ribbon and Bows(whelped on 7/25/03). We named him for the Blue River in Breckenridge,CO. I am writing to thank you for Blue. I have had 2 labs and several other dogs before Blue and he is by far the best dog that I have ever owned or known. Even temperament, kind disposition and always playful. I am a bird hunter and he does very well in the field, as well. Thanks again, I will be in contact down the road. Bob


Here are recent photos of Pilgrim (Sadona's Midnight Raider and Windy, 12/6/06) doing what he loves best. He fits in with the family really well, although his "big brother" Jack tires of his constant nipping of his ankles! He is a joy and we love him very much.

Kelly and Jill

Hi Crystal,

Just wanted to say hi and let you know Scout is doing great. Him and our older dog, Callie, get a long great and it will be a great companionship. Scout is a great dog and was pretty much potty trained the 2nd day we had him. Thank you so much for this puppy, he is amazing.

Tyler and Jessica


Thought I would send you an update and picture of our Gunner. From day 1 this has been the most incredible dog I have ever had. My daughter and I left your place and drove straight thru back to Oklahoma, 12 hours, 4 30 minute potty and exercise breaks and both puppies slept almost the whole way and no accidents. After only about 10 days he was completely housebroken, it has been almost a month now and I still go searching thru the house trying to find the secret spot where he is hiding it, but he's not, he is going outside every time (doggy doors are the greatest thing ever). I didn't think it was possible to housebreak a puppy that fast, he is so smart. He sleeps in his crate all night long with the door open, gets up goes outside about 5:30 or 6:00 and comes back to his bed, then gets up with us when we get up and is ready to eat. He is amazing! He will sit and lay down on command, we are still working on stay, (he gets very excited) but for just 12 weeks I think he is doing very well. He gets to stay in the house for short periods alone with our Corgi (who merely just tolerates him, but he doesn't realize it) and he has never chewed anything up, he will only chew on his things. The brown pillow in the picture is the only thing that is not his that he gets, he will sneak it off the couch when we aren't looking and lay on it, he never chews just lays on it. He truly is an amazing little dog, you can tell he really pays attention to everything that goes on and really wants to please everyone. My wife(who is not a dog person) now asks me to leave him home with her during the day instead of taking him to work with me, so we have kind of worked out this joint custody thing, some days at home and some days at work with me, he loves it no matter where he is just wants to be with one of us all the time, he is very affectionate towards both of us (she's a dog person now!) Thanks Crystal for such a wonderful dog! More updates later.



Attached are a few photos of Tag. One is from A-Basin, a regular favorite during ski season and one from my back yard and one from Morrow Point Lake. He is from a litter born on April 16th, 2001 to Sandpiper and Cimmarron Blackwater. My experience with Tag has been so much fun and more than I ever dreamed! He is a pure joy to have, loves people, kids and always greets everyone with a full body wiggle. Thinking of a way to get a little wind energy from his tail wagging.

All the best,

Hi Crystal,

We got Maverick from Sadona in November of 2006. He just had his third birthday and we love him more than we ever thought we could! Everyone who meets him immediately falls in love. He is the best dog.

Thank you so much!
Alex & Spencer

Testimonials Continued
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