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Testimonials From Proud Owners

Hi Crystal,
We picked up "Bear" two days before Thanksgiving (he was your last black boy that day).
I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that he is doing fantastic. He just finished all of his vet visits (until it's time for his "snip") and he is as healthy as a horse......and I'm beginning to wonder if he is going to be as big as one! He is the happiest boy we've ever seen. And he is so smart. It's amazing how quickly he learns things.
Attached is a photo of him and his brother......our (4yr. old) small breed beagle "Joey". (they are patiently waiting for their treats). They play very well together and have gotten into a daily routine of when they nap and when they play together.
You are doing a great job with your dogs. We thank you so much for our little black bear. He is such a blessing to all of us.
Happy New Year,
Bridget & Family :)

Hi Crystal,
Will and I wanted to wish you a happy holiday and send a photo of Molly your way. At a year and a half, she has grown into such a sweet and intelligent girl. We love her gentle nature (she loves kids and little dogs) and her playful personality. She never fails to put a smile on our faces with her charming antics. She's such an integral part of our family, and we love her dearly.
This past summer she really grew into a swimmer. Now, we can hardly keep her from the water. Just give her a frisbee and a lake, and you have one happy dog on your hands. We are both amazed at her tenaciousness when it comes to retrieving; she will look until she finds it, tall grass, murky water and fences be damned. That desire to get her job right, combined with her instinctive fascination with ALL birds, makes us believe we're wasting her talent as a natural hunter! Instead, she takes long hikes and chases balls incessantly!
We hope you're well and looking forward to the holidays. Know that we are grateful for your putting us and Molly together -- she's an amazing dog!
All our best,

Sadie is the easiest dog I have ever trained. She has great character and keeps a laughing.
Attached is her picture.

Mindy is now 4 months old and 37 pounds (photo attached). She has become a friend, a constant companion, and most importantly a family member. "No" is always greated with a "RUFF" (like who are YOU kidding); and the rest is pure joy

Hi Crystal,
My husband just got off the phone with you and I wanted to send photos of our Jasper. His parents are Big Easy and Facets n Time, he is now 6 and lives with us in Massachusetts. Everywhere we take him people tell us that he is the most beautiful and well behaved Lab they have ever met. Jasper is big brother to our two small children who have no idea that he isn't REALLY their sibling. Jasper is calm, happy and always wanting to please. He is a champion snuggler and doesn't realize that at 85 lbs, his tail can clear a coffee table with one swipe. He is truly our first born and we can't imagine life without him. Thank you for giving us that "once in a lifetime" dog.
Paula and Bill

Hi Crystal,
Holiday greetings! We wanted to send you a foto of Mabel, the pup we got in September of last year. I thought when Gracie (also one of yours) left us in June '08 at age 13 that we'd never have another dog half as good. Well, we were wrong-Mabel (now almost 17 months) is the BEST DOG EVER!!!!!!!! She's very active, very athletic-needs lots of exercise, which is great with us. She has hiked all over in the mountains, loves to swim and ride in the car, and plays with a variety of toys. We take long walks all over the open spaces here in Boulder county daily. She's crazy about snow-just goes wild. She fetches both newspapers in the morning (unless someone is walking by, then she gets distracted and has to visit) and has the sweetest temperment you could want. She still crawls into my lap and takes naps, and likes to hop into bed at night and lie next to me with her head on my shoulder and her leg thrown over me. She has a crazy joyous personality-she gets so excited for her meals that sometimes she jumps straight up in the air (all four feet) backwards! She's so loving and loyal, we couldn't be happier-she's a true pal.
Thanks so much for exceeding our expectations-we are crazy about our Mabel.
Beth & Ralph
Louisville, CO

P.S. She's also very small-only 59-60 lbs-just what we wanted. Very slim and leggy, with a beautiful head.

Hi Crystal,
Maisy and the puppy are getting along well. He slept through the night last night.
Thank you,

Hi Crystal,

I thought you would like to see the attached! Bob competed in his first Teva Games this past summer in the Big Air competition. He jumped only a total of 9 ft, but this was awesome knowing he had never gone off a dock before. He loves the water and spends a considerable amount of time playing in the river and jumping from rocks. He is fearless when it comes to swimming and retrieving.

The attached picture is the final brochure from the Teva Games - Bob is a very handsome boy.

Thanks again for a great dog!

Hi Crystal,

Jean and I wanted to send you an update on our little man, Marcus. Yes, we decided to keep the name you had given him (we love it). He is now registered with the AKC. His formal name is Sadona’s Marcus Aurelius. Given that Marcus Aurelius was an Emperor of Rome, we think it is a perfectly appropriate name for this wonderful dog.

Marcus is now 6-1/2 months old. He weighs 66 pounds. We have attached 3 pictures of him that were taken on February 13th. He still has some growing to do. and, as you know, labs have a tendency to grow unevenly. We think he is absolutely beautiful. He’s lots of fun, has a wonderful disposition, and we couldn’t be happier that you agreed to let us have him.

Dick and Jean



The puppy, now named Miley, is doing very well in her new home. Everyone in the neighborhood is talking about her! See attached for pictures....she is the sweetest dog I have ever seen, She has a old soul!



Hi Crystal,

Just wanted to send you some pics of Boona and Frisco! Boona is doing great, and loving big 'brother' Frisco. We now feel our family is complete. Thank you for these beautiful boys.
Hope all is well.

Suzanne (from Boulder)

Hi Crystal

We love Murphy more than I could have ever imagined! He is the best! People rave about how good looking he is and how well mannered. Thanks for everything.


Hi Crystal,

Just wanted to share a video of Brock and Blaze playing. This is the first time we have ever had an adult male Labrador be so gentle and loving with a young puppy as Brock is with Blaze. Young males we've had in the past have made it clear to pups that they did not want anything to do with obnoxious puppy antics, and the pup was usually terrified of the "big" dog until an adult. Sadona Labradors seem to have it all, good confirmation, and true Labrador sweet temperament. We are absolutely thrilled. Thank you so much.



I picked Casey up in the summer of 1999, she is now 11 and will be 12 this May. I have had Labs my entire life and Casey has one of the best temperament’s of all of them. We lost my mother 3 years ago to a brain tumor. While mom was sick and at home Casey knew something was wrong with her and would not leave her side for the last 4 months of her life. She followed her around the house and sat at her feet whenever she stopped. Not once did she leave her side. Casey has truly been a blessing to all of us over the last 12 years, she is still doing good, A little slowed down but doing well!

Thanks so much!


“Dillon our 2 year old black lab has made himself at home in Vail, Arizona! He arrived just before Christmas and has been an amazing gift. Dillon through Paw Pals Assistance Dogs, assists me with my profession as an elementary school counselor. Dillon works with me in small group, individual and classroom settings. He helps to facilitate life skills/social skills groups for students that visit once a week. During group sessions he may be found comfortably laying on the floor with his head in a child's lap. Anyone who knows Dillon knows that the more pats, love, hugs, and attention he gets the happier he is.

As a school counselor, I also work with students who have experienced abuse, neglect, and tragic life experiences. Dillon provides a nonjudgmental trusting presence that is often needed to support these children. Besides working with me in my office and in the classrooms, Dillon is a member of the entire Cottonwood Elementary community. From my professional perspective the presence of a dog like Dillon promotes mutual respect among students and staff. This in turn creates a positive school environment which directly impacts student achievement and success.

Away from work, Dillon is a member of an active family. He spends his evenings and days off playing with Gwen our 2 year old golden retriever and our 1 1/2 year old daughter Emma Claire. When Dillon's working vest comes off Dillon is all play! He loves spending his time at the park, jogging or walking with the family, and swimming. Yes, even swimming in the middle of Arizona's winter!

Our family and the Cottonwood family have embraced this beautiful boy who is called "Dillon" "Dilly" and "Dillman." Thank you for enriching our lives.”

Awesome Puppies

I can't believe it has been 5 years since my parents and I picked up our puppies from you. I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Josie (Time/Bud litter June 2006) and Sadie (Gold/Bud litter June 2006) are both doing well. They have both grown into lovely dogs both physically (Josie at 75#s and Sadie at 60#s) and personality wise. My parents did not get Sadie to hunt. However, she and my dad have spent many lovely hours in the woods together, and he hardly needed to train her to sit quietly and keep him company because it came so naturally to her. My mom has found the perfect walking companion in Sadie both in town, and when they are in the mountains together. My dog, Josie, goes nearly everywhere with me, and gets along with any person, dog, or cat that we meet (not to mention livestock and miscellaneous other creatures). Both dogs have exceeded our expectations and have become key members of our households. Thank you again for you great breeding program.
PS- Here is a picture of the two dogs. ( Josie has the collar)

Testimonials Continued
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