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Testimonials From Proud Owners


I bought Magnum (on the right) from you 21 years ago when I was a single girl in law school. My three sons grew up with Magnum and he literally was the best dog I've ever had. He lived 13 years in great health and made our family better. We since moved to California and when it came time for another dog we went local. Learned our lesson and decided it would be smarter to get one of the best - one of your dogs...So I flew my 18 year old out to Colorado to pick out our new pup - Django (on the left). There's no replacing Magnum but I know Django is going to be healthy, smart and wonderful. Thank you for breeding such amazing dogs, for working with us to make it happen from such a distance and for bringing such blessings to our family and so many others! You are the world's best Lab breeder!!

Best, Jen


10 years old and one Happy dog in this photo taken January 20 2015. Angus, has the most gentle and kind demeanor but loves to hunt. He's a little too smart at times. Great dog over the last ten years and hopefully 10 more.

Hi Crystal.

Guinness is already making his stance on our family and cuddling up with our old dog. I attached a picture.
Can you tell me when the litter was born? We want to know his birthday.
Thank you


Here's a photo of two of your "dogs", Stella, age 8 and Buddy, age 5. Both are Therapy Dogs. Thought you would enjoy how successful they are!

Hi Crystal,

Attached is a picture of Marcus which we had taken just before Christmas. He's beautiful. Thanks for letting us have him.

Dick & Jean

Hi Crystal,

We wanted to touch base and send you some photos of Henry.

Henry has been such a wonderful addition to our family and has fit in perfectly. With only a handful of sleepless nights, crate training was a cinch! We brought him home Thursday, and by Monday night he loved going into his 'house' - as we call it. House breaking him was also quite simple. Minimal accidents and he learned quickly to go sit by the door when he wanted to go out. Exactly as we hoped, he rarely barks except for when the doorbell rings or he wants to play. He won't even bark at other dogs. Everything you told us about the demeanor of your dogs was spot on. It is easy to tell you are a top notch breeder.

Prior to picking Henry up we told you about our other daughter Barrett who has Rett Syndrome and is in a wheelchair. When we got home we put Henry on her lap (see photo) and she had a huge smile. To put into perspective, Barrett rarely smiles, so it was obvious at that moment, Henry was meant for our family. Barrett also has seizures, the first couple seemed to perplex Henry a little. It didn't take long for him to begin reacting to them. Now when she has a seizure, he runs over to her and starts licking her all over the face. It seemingly snaps her out of it. We hope to have him train to be a therapy dog in the future so he can accompany Barrett when we are out and about. She and Brennan really do love him.

His veterinary office (who sees three Sadona Labs) absolutely adores him. He has received all his shots we are just awaiting the 2nd Distemper shot. His microchip was just put in last week along with having his rabies shot. The shots don't even seem to phase him. Today we registered him with the AKC, his full name: Sadona's Henry Decatur (Decatur is from Decatur Street in New Orleans).

One of the photos is of Henry and Ben (Ben was from the December 23 litter, purchased by Chris Greer). As you can tell trying to keep them still long enough to get a photo was not easy. We try to get them together to play as often as we can. They have so much fun and it is really awesome that we are able to let him play with another Sadona Lab. Ed is taking Henry to Ben's as I am writing this, so hopefully we can get a better picture to see you. As they grow, I'll be sure to send you updated ones.

Henry has already been such a blessing to our family, we are already considering another puppy in the future after Henry is a little older. Quite possibly a black one.

Thank you so much! We hope you enjoy the pictures!

Yvette, Ed, Barrett (6yo) & Brennan (6yo)

Crystal. Here is Bindi Blue and one of our cats, Cole. Just hanging out enjoying the sunset. Bindi is a love. She is smart, sweet, loves to work and play. She is bringing our family great joy! My moms cancer recently reappeared and Bindi is especially sweet with my mom. It's kinda bizarre but I swear even at 17 weeks Bindi seems to know my mom needs extra TLC. Thanks again for a lovely dog:).
Love the Charbonneau's


Just wanted to let you know that Heidi has settled in wonderfully into our home in Boulder becoming already a great mountain dog!


Heidi is out on Mt Sanitas nearly everyday. A great hiker in the mountains and snow, she has quickly become a loving and fun addition to the family. We could not be happier. Heidi is great with other dogs and adores people. A very fast learner she is amazes us everyday with her capability to learn.

Good Morning Crystal,

We wanted you to know that Sadon's pretty girl had her last retrieve last evening about 10pm. She fought a good fight til the end. She earned 5 fiels titles which included Seasoned in UKC and Senior in AKC as well as a title in NAHRA . She excelled in everything she did.Most of all she is the best friend our family has ever had. She never barked or wined even when she didn't feel the best. She gave everything she had til the very end of her great life. We wanted to thank you for the opportunity to own our best friend. May she Rest in Peace.

Sincerly heartbroken,
Aimee , Jeff and Elaine

Hello Crystal,

Here is a picture of Wally Mack (1) and Milo (6). Being that Milo is Wally Mack's uncle I thought I would share how they compare in looks and color. Wally looks like his dad Cooper and Milo looks like his dad Bubba. take care. Your dog's are awesome.

Shawn M.

Mojo and Colin!

Best buddies! Thank you crystal for our little guy, Clyde (now 8 months)! He is becoming such a great companion! We love him!!

Hi Krystal,

We are in Steamboat for the Fourth. We have received SO MANY compliments about our beautiful dogs. Several people asked for the breeder. One person has a Sedona lab and recognized ours. A woman from WI has heard of Sedona.

Lincoln just turned six {right}. Madison will be a year next month already {left}. We love our boys!

Thank you!

Testimonials Continued
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